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Robert Smith

Motivation III: Growth Needs (Bold and italics are concepts that I predict Robert Smith will ask on the test) A. Introduction Fig 1: structure of hierarchy of needs Order of satisfaction: human satisfy needs - Recall this… according to the following orders: 1) preconditions (will be discussed later) - Nature (must be on the test! Especially the part 2) deficiency needs that talks about diminishing return and potency) 3) drives states 4) neurotic needs (will be discussed later) i) Universal, non-cultural 5) growth needs (We are here now!) ii) Require satisfaction from deficiency needs (See Fig 1) iii) Never ending, implying NO Diminishing Marginal of Return!!! iv) No equal potency (recall in Motivation I Chapter, we say the hierarchy of needs pyramid does have prepotency; however, within the category of growth needs, there is NO such thing.) v) Meta-Motivation Quotient (MMQ): proportion of motivation devoted to meta- motives (What is the implication of having high MMQ? (1) Psychologically healthy, (2) more pro-social [like considering interests of others before yoursel,], (3) individualism and self-identity) B. Different types of meta-motives (Don’t memorize, just recognize) Robert Smith only throws out a bunch of terms, but he never organizes them well. I go through all of them and provide the following categories Category Pro-social Psychology Self identity  1) Community: - Self- 1) Learning - Justice sufficiency - Effortlessness functional autonomy - Goodness - Perfection Recall Motivation I 2) Socializing personality: - Meaningfulness - Comprehensive - Playfulness - Order - Uniqueness - Aliveness 2) Philosophy - Unity - Completion - simplicity C. Requirements for growth needs 1) Psychological capacity - Learning: Elaborative learner - Motivation model: pre
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