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BUSML 4201
Robert Smith

Motivation III: subconscious (Bold and italics are concepts that I predict Robert Smith will ask on the test) A. General framework of this chapter B. Terminology 1)conscious vs unconscious vs subconscious ( I bet it must be on the exam) - comparison points: i) short term memory (awareness) vs long term memory ii) ease of retrieval (Which one can be retrieved? How?) - What kind of things can go into subconscious?  fear, frustration, guilt C. Flows of frustration framework Step 1: influx of frustration energy - Where does it go wrong?? (Recall what you learn in Motivation II: Growth Needs) frustration is stored in the LTM (called the pool) - types of pool (frustration/guilt/fear), its solutions, and significance (on the test) i) Drive object: simply speaking, the drive object cannot achieve homeostasis for whatever reasons. (E.g. drive object/substitute drive object cannot achieve homeostasis) Step 2 & 3: Reaching the maximum level and discharge fru
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