COMM 1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pinterest, Acculturation, Irving Janis

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Osu comm 1100: communication in society: exam 3 study guide. Functional perspective & groupthink (powerpoint 13_groups & ch. Usually a group has at least 3 people. Fold wisdom says that two heads are better than one. Groups were adaptive in the past; individuals not in groups were much less likely to pass on their genes. Brainstorming a procedure in which group members are encouraged to generate as many ideas as possible without holding back or worrying about being wrong. Developed by advertising executives in the 1950s to increase creativity of. Core assumption is that creative people can feed off each other"s thinking processes, leading to better ideas than could the same People who work in brainstorming groups enjoy the work more than do people groups. who work alone. People who work alone also think they would work better in a group. But the actual performance of brainstorming groups is actually worse (based on meta-analysis of 18 studies)