COMM 1100- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 47 pages long!)

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Osu comm 1100: communication in society: exam 2 study guide. Self-reference effect tendency for information related to the self to be more readily processed and remembered than other types of information. Cocktail party phenomenon the ability to pick a personally relevant stimulus (e. g. your name) out of a complex environment. Self-esteem consists of a person"s positive and negative self-appraisals. It often rises and falls based on the feedback we receive from others. People with high self-esteem say they are smarter, more successful, have more friends, better relationships, are better-looking, but objective measures say they aren"t. If anything, people with high self-esteem are obnoxious and turn people off by thinking they are superior. Initiative: people with high self-esteem speak up in groups, approach people, and start new friendships. But they also take initiative when it comes to risky behavior (drugs, unprotected sex, etc) It feels good: people with high self-esteem report being happier and less depressed.