ECON 4130 Final: ECON 4130 Final Exam Study Guide

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The exam will have 10 questions on it as indicated below. Questions 1-3 will come from the 7 questions below. (7 points) the evolution of economic organization from hunter-gatherer to settled agriculture to more complex civilizations proceeded at vastly different paces in different parts of the world. Explain why the pace of development on the eurasian landmass was so much more rapid than in africa and the. Americas. (3points) describe and explain australian development before. Australian development: largely hunter/gatherer societies, no farmers, herders, writing, metal tools, governments when. Although this measure has these flaws (and others) it is the most oft- referenced statistic when considering standard of living differences across countries. Agriculture production for own consumption: housework (production in the home, dollar value of a good does not always equal social value. In the industrial revolution, wages rose, priced fell, but there was overcrowding, more disease, poor working conditions war rises. Gdp (government spending) without making us better off.