ENR 2100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Chlorophyll, Demographic Transition, Thermodynamics

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Enr 2100 (online version) intro to environmental science: midterm 1 study guide. Week 1 notes (1/9/2017: physical environment vs. Environment: specific set of physical and biological conditions in a given time and space that support the growth, development and reproduction of life. Physical environment: consists of the incoming radiant energy of the sun, air, water, and soil, Environmental science: interdisciplinary study of humanity"s relationship with other organisms and. Today we have the same sense of superiority that humans before us had. This frequently prevents us from responding effectively to environmental changes. We often don"t care to notice signs that were are causing irreparable damage to earth. Mining for coal, oil, natural gas and minerals. Human population growth one of the major causes of environmental damage. Carrying capacity=population size that an area can support indefinitely; many scientists believe we have already passed it for earth. Ecological footprint=land needed to provide resources, assimilate waste of a population.