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Neuro Psych Exam 3 Notes

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Ohio State University
PSYCH 3313

Review Sheet – Psych 3313 – Exam 3 – Torello – Fall, 2013 Read Chapter 14 - bold-faced terms. Memory LTP- activation of synapses in a circuit lays down new memories Hippocampus- deep within temporal lobe; converts short to long term memory Retrograde andAnterogradeAmnesia H.M.- bilateral epilepsy; had surgery bilateral medial temporal lobotomy which took out his hippocampus and had anterigrade amnesia (unable to remember anything new) Explicit (aware) and Implicit (unconscious) Memories Semantic (stuff, pres, math), Autobiographical (personal memories), Emotional, and Procedural Memories Cerebellum- stores procedural (motor) memories Principle of Mass Action and Equipotentiality- where semantic and autobiographical memories are stored; stored in multiple frontal and temporal lobes Korsakoff’s Syndrome – Thiamine- people who primarily drink liquor don’t get nutrients they need and lose thiamine ECT- treatment of depression; electro-convulsive therapy; causes retrograde amnesia Bremer (researcher at Yale) and PTSD- have problems with spatial maps; lose their way; MRI shows hippocampus shrunk and when they improve the hippocampus grows back Alzheimer’s Disease –Amyloid Protein- autopsy material; dead neurons covered in amyloid protein (we all have some but can become neurotoxic) Aricept-ACH inhibitor for alzheimers InfantileAmnesia- can’t remember things early in life Hunger CCK- released by gut to tell you youre full; peptide Anorexia- lack of eating and fear of losing weight Rumination- swallows food; bring it back up and chew again; eventually throw it up Pica- appetite for things non-nutrition, ice, clay, sand Glucose- body releases glucose when hungry Adipocytes- fat cells; number of fat cells is primary determinate of set point Set Point- body weight Sex Hypothalamo-Portal System – turn on off from blood Anterior Pituitary- roof of mouth; endocrine system Gonadotropins- released by anterior pituitary into blood stream and go to sex organ; result is sex organs release their hormones 3 Interstitial Nucleus- whole bunch of cells in man; few in women; homosexual male is more like a women Sexually Dimorphic Brain Structures- shaped differently between sexes Anabolic Steroids – effects and side effects- make more muscle; dcrease recovery time after workout; acne for men, decrease testicular size, prolonged and painful erections (priapism); in women enlarged clit, deep voice Adrenal Gland- adrenal medulla = adrenial; and agrenal glands that releases testosteron Positive and Negative Feedback Loops- how hypothalamus talks to pituitary gland; keep hormones at stable level (negative feedback loop); in case of puberty if testosteron increases we want it to increase even more (positive) Sheep- best animal model for homosexuality Money and Homosexual
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