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American Sign Language
ASL 1104
Dana Renga

Cheol Bin Shin Russian 4220 Notes 1/16/2014 Metaliterary Russia 1801-1825 Tsar Alexander I Napoleonic Wars 1825 Decembrist Revolt Napoleon sort of viewed as a liberator Russian Officers returning from France were exposed to French ideals Forced Alexander I to become more conservative Secret societies formed from this culminated into 1825 Decembrist Revolt (Officer’s Revolt) Protest Nicolas I’s ascension They wanted constitutional monarchy Revolt put down very harshly George Gordon (Lord) Byron 1788~1824 Don Juan Manfred Childe Harold’s Pilgrimmage Dueling Agreement between 2 men Honor Seconds Illegal Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin 1799~1837 Belkin Tales (5) (1830) Queen of Spades 1/21/14 Notes The Queen of Spades 1833 Gambling Faro (Pharoah) Beau joueur Gentleman gambler Good player Good loser Playing honestly Paying debts “Scientific” Gambler Hermann/Silvio Isolated, Distinct from Group/Norm Foreign – Russified German, uncertain origin Germans are very frugal They’re both obsessed with something (gambling or dueling) Willing to risk a lot Hermann resembles Napoleon High ambitions *m
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