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American Sign Language
ASL 1104
Dana Renga

Russian 3460 Notes 1/17/2014 Senmiotics – Signs Signs -> Signifier or Signified Signifier – Rose Signified – What it refers to Ex: Signifier (Rose), Signified (What ir refers to) Icon/Index Icon: Likeness Index: Indicates points (Ex: thermometer) Symbol: Arbritrary stand in (ex: dollar bill) Paradigmatic Connotation: Comparing it other stuff around the world Syntagmatic Connotation: Comparing it before/after Meteonmy: Synectoche: Why is 1924-1930 a Golden Age? Why did the Golden Age come to an end? Stalin and 5 yr Plan, entreprenuial spirit died down. Also sound, also some women actor around this time 1/22/2014 Notes Lev Kuleshov (Kuleshov Effect) by Hitchcock and others Vsevolad Pudokin (Contribute to Montage: Effects don’t actually happen) Women doesn’t get stabbed, editing Dialetical Montage: 1917 Russia Tsar Nicolas October Revolution Events in 1917 February: February Revolution on International Women’s Day, Soldiers joined the strike, Nicolas II abdicates, Provisional Government April: Lenin comes back, War Continues July: Lenin gets arrested, Kornilov Mutiny (Attempt to overthrow the government), sympathy from Bolsheviks October: Bolsheviks, Provisional Government, Soldiers storm palace Bolsheviks forced a calendar change 1917 (Massive revolutions) 1/24/2014 Notes Diegesis is a style of fiction storytelling which presents an interior view of a world and is: 1. that world itself experienced by the characters in situations and events of the narrative [1] 2. telling, recounting, as opposed to showing, enacting. In diegesis the narrator tells the story. The narrator presents the actions (and sometimes thoughts) of the characters to the readers or audience. Dziga Vertov (1896 ~ 1950) Life caught unawares Life caught off-guard Response to the last film’s reception 1/29/2014 Notes Bed and Sofa Everyday life in Soviet Russia Early Soviet Civil Liberties for Women Abortion allowed in 1920 Banned in 1936 Homosexuality is legal until 1933 Love Triangles Homosociality – preferring same-sex relationships, but these are non-sexual Sedgwick Triangle Rival leg and romance leg The woman is pivotal, men express desire through the women The rival leg can be the strongest Defamilirzation (ostranenie) It exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stoney. 1/31/2014 Notes Formalism: Focus on the film’s form, technical elements, not focused on the empirical appearance of reality. Lighting, Scoring, Sound and Set Design Realism: Depicting subject matter authentically and truthfully, depicting how it appears in real life. Classicism: Most of Hollywood’s films. Stylize some things, complete appealing story. Not Pure Realism or Formalism Bed and Sofa: Realism or Classicalism (Wedge of Light going into the film, Vladimir better husband, formal techniques, relative fluid story. The Man with a Movie Camera: Formalism or Clasicalism (Even though its documenting real life, lot of formal elements, the way the film was shot, formal techniques) October: Formalism and Classicism ( The Battleship Potemkin: Formalism and Classicism (Eisenstein Film, Montage, Statues of the Lions, Intellectual Montage) Mother: Formalism and Classicalism. All of these films are in between F and the C. They all have some narrative, nothing is pure pure formalism Signs – Is film like language Semiotics: study of the structure or system of signs Signifier and signified: two types of signs: signifier: the word that is printed (example: rose) signified: object that is referring to Film u bypass the signifier and jump into the signified Symbol, index, icon (icons are references to what’s in real life, index are referring to something else (thermometer referring to temperature, symbols are rando
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