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PSY 101 Study Guide Test 3

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PSY 1010
Michael Grant

PSY 1010 Study Guide (Outline) for Test 3 • Memory o Infantile Amnesia o Encoding  Structural  Phonemic  Semantic o Visual Imagery o Sensory Memory  How long does it last (without attention/effort)?  Iconic  Echoic o Short-term Memory  How long does it last without attention? • Interference • Rehearsal o Maintenance  Rote repetition o Elaborative Rehearsal  Imagery  Organization  Meaning to info (semantics)  Linking it to your life • Serial Position Effect o Primacy Effect o Recency Effect • Chunking • Concept maps o Long-term Memory  Retrieval Cues • Encoding Specificity Principle o Context-dependent memory o State-dependent memory  Why do we forget? • Encoding failure • Decay • Interference • Motivation • Amnesia o Retrograde o Anterograde o Prospective vs. Retrospective Memory • Language o Organizational Rules  Phonology  Morphology  Syntax  Semantics  Pragmatics o Infinite Generativity o How language develops  Crying  Cooing  Babbling  Gestures o First word at what age? o Receptive vs. expressive (spoken language) o Telegraphic speech o Child-directed speech o Expanding o Labeling • Intelligence o Test-retest reliability o Content validity o Construct validity o Normal Distribution of IQ  Average IQ?  Standard Deviations of IQ  Gifted = ______? o Binet  Mental Age  IQ formula o Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale o Spearman o Thurstone o Sternberg o Gardner o Intellectual disability prevalence, categories, and percentages  Organic vs. cultural familial o Giftedness – 3 ring conception o Heritability of intelligence • Motivation o Drive Theory  Motives  Drives  Homeostasis o Incentive Theory o Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation o Biological and Social motives o Humanistic view of motivation  Hierarchy of needs  Self-determination Theory o Hunger as an example  Lateral hypothalamus = hunger  Ventromedial hypothalamus = satie
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