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Oklahoma State University
American Studies
AMST 2103
Stacy Takacs

Identity- How one views themselves. Othering- Looking at someone else as different than you due to different cultural background Essentialism- Every person serves their purpose Social Constructionism- examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. Power- The ability to make change in society Inequality- Unequal distribution of wealth and power Exploitation- Treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work Resources- Things that a person can use in society in order to influence others Economical Capital- The amount of money that a person or company holds Social Capital- The relationships that people hold that allow them to get ahead Cultural Capital- The social asserts one has such as education and type of dress Dog Whistle Politics- Policies that are designed to look like they are good but are actually targeting certain groups of people White privilege- The advantages that a person gets for being white. Less likely to be arrested and more likely for college. Patriarchy- Oldest man is the head of the family or government Hegemonic masculinity- Practices that justify putting men in dominance and the subordination of women Side bets- Moves one makes to enjoy a benefit are the main bet. Side bet is another perk that one may enjoy although its not the main. Identity stakes- All the perks that one receives from their side bets due to their class Social inertia- resistance to change or the endurance of stable relationships Achievement ideology- One achieves success through hard work and education Meritocracy myth- A persons place in society is the place that they deserve The TINA problem- There is no alternative. The current system is the only one that works. Bread and Circuses- People don’t take action as long as the government keeps them fed and entertained Myth- Widely held but false belief American Exceptionalism- History of US is unique. American culture is unique. American citizens and government are best and unique. The Uncanny- Something that is close to normal but not quite. Often makes one feel strange. Repression/Return of the repressed- Like in the movie Freaks! Push someone down and abuse them and they revolt The Abject- Human reaction to a threatened breakdown in meaning caused by loss of distinction from subject and object or self and other. Ex. Seeing a corpse Sociophobics- Those who fear social interactions Puritans (their beliefs)- Against human oversexuality. Patriarchy and if women had too much power they were probably witches th The Enlightenment- People started turning to science in 17 century to answer life questions. Supernatural (belief in )- Belief in ghosts and such? Cult of True Womanhood (Victorian ideology)- True women were supposed to be beautiful, clean house, cook well, etc. Gothic Romanticism- Authors romanticized the idea of vampires and such Mathhew Brady- Captured pictures of the American Civil War. Posed dead bodies to make them look more grotesque. Rebel Ladies Boudoir- Union propaganda depicting southern women with tables made of bones of union soldiers. Scientific racism- False science comparing skulls of whites and blacks. Tested volume by packing things but white skulls were packed tighter Eugenics- Not allowing “Inferior” genes to be spread. Stopping people who have these genes from breeding. Anglo-Saxonism- White English people superior to everyone else H.P. Lovecraft- Maker of the movie Re-Animator Tetratology- symptoms that often appear together Freak Shows- Shows with people with deformities. Exotic Mode of Presentation- Making things appear exotic. Example was the young man who was put in a cage with monkeys and told to be the “missing link” Oda Benga Aggrandized Mode- Making a person seem grand. For example the Giant Duke of Wellington Pity Mode- Freaks who seem to be how they are due to unfortunate accidents. Containment- Keep communism in the USSR Deterrence- Making someone fear the consequences of crossing them. Cuba with the nuclear missiles was punished greatly Paranoid culture- 50s culture where people were paranoid that others were communists. McCarthyism Consensus Culture- Basic framework of culture and beliefs that are shared by a large group of people Nuclear Family- Family was made to be just parents and a couple kids. No longer did people have grandparents living with them. Sexual Revolution- Birth control was made and eugenics was starting to be discussed. People were realizing that people were having sex before marriage. Satanic Panic- 1980s church thought it was under attack. Families under attack as well. Urban Legends- Story that is spread as true but is not. Normally passed down orally and locally. Babysitter in danger- Woman kills Michael Meyers. Young girls were often the ones in danger. Hook man- Story of two kids that are fooling around. Hook man has hook in door as woman urges man to drive away. Man finds bloody hook when he gets home. Backlash – Councilors kid is killed and a year later the camp counselor kills kids Apocalyptic narrative- People were obsessed with the end of the world like Y2K and zombies. Comes from Revelations in the Bible Savages = Early settlement of America and the West Satanic Cults= 1980s religious monster. Church feared it was under attack Cannibals= Slaves on ships thought whites were going to eat them Zombies (of various eras)= Zombies represent lower class. 1932 white zombie was about zombie slaves and vudoo. 1968 was about class Sea serpents = When the U.S. was embargoed and the people thought it was monstrous Witches = Sexualized monsters that had sex with Satan in the colonial era. Embodies the anxieties th
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