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LIT 211D

Heather BrownBrown 1 LIT 211D 21770The Individual and SocietyFinal Paper Professor Power 1 May 2013 Throughout the semester we have been introduced to a number of themes that fall under the category of the individual and societyWe have looked at societys effect on the individual as well as the reversedOther themes explored throughout our readings associated with the individuals relationship to society include escapism and isolationThese themes are exposed in Goodbye to All That Soldiers Home Giovannis Room The Metamorphosis and The Great GatsbyThese works display what it is that makes these characters feel like outsiders to society how they use escapism to protect themselves from their surroundings and why they isolate themselves from the people around themIn the story Goodbye to All That by Joan Didion the main character intends to move to New York City at the young age of twenty for just six monthsI would stay in New York I told him just six months and I stayed eight years Goodbye to All That 2After being in the city of New York for so long she comes to realize she has outgrown it and could no longer stay because she realizes it is a city only for the very young Goodbye to All That 2 She understands after eight years that she has to end one chapter of her life and start anotherMovies and music already gave her insight as to how she would feel before she even stepped
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