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AERSP 309 Sample Questions for Test #2 Test #2 is Wed. Nov. 6, 8:15pm, 119 Osmond You may bring 2 sheets (8.5 x 11 in., 2-sided) of eqs, notes, etc. Be sure to bring a calculator that works (no calculators provided). Test #2 covers material discussed in lecture from Sept. 23 through Nov 1. Questions on the test could come from anything covered in class during that time, as well as the material on the quizzes and practice problems. Of course, some earlier concepts are inextricably linked to the newer material, so you should review those, too (e.g., DCM’s, orbital concepts and terminology) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. An Earth orbit has a = 18195 km and e = 0.4. a. Calculate the value of eccentric anomaly E when the true anomaly is  = 170 deg. b. On the same orbit, if E = 100 deg at t = 5100 sec, calculate the time of periapsis passage. c.) A different orbit has a = 25000 km, e = 0.7, and T = 00 Using any iteration method, find the value of the eccentric anomaly at time t = 16500 sec. -3 Use an initial guess of ▯▯▯ and an absolute tolerance of  = 10 .AYou do not need to use a relative-tolerance check. Note that your calculations must all have the same accuracy as the absolute tolerance. 2. Effects of distributed mass a. Determine the locations of the c.m. and the c.g. of body B with respect to body A. Body B consists of 2 particles, each with mass 3m, connected by a massless rod. d = 4 m., e = 1 m. 3m  b2  e  B  A  e  M  b1  3m  d  b. Determine the value of inclination i for a sun-synchronous orbit about Earth with a periapsis radius of r = 7000 km and radius of apoapsis r = 9200 km. Remember that sun-synchronous p a 7 means that the ascending node
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