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Aerospace Engineering
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AERSP 309 Sample Test Questions for Test #1 Notes: a.) Test #1 is Wed. Oct 2, 8:15pm, 101 Thomas Bldg. b.) You may bring one (1) 8.5 x 11 inch sheet (2-sided) of equations, notes, etc. c.) You will need a working calculator -- check the batteries! (no calculators provided) d.) These questions are intended to be representative of the types of questions you will see on the test; however, they are not the whole story! You should carefully review your notes, practice problems, and quizzes. e.) Test #1 covers material from the first day of class through the lecture material on Sept. 23. 1. DCM’s a) Due to radio interference from solar storms, telemetry (data sent back to Earth) from a satellite are missing some information. The DCM for the satellite’s orientation at some particular time is received as 0.5983 ▯0.6409 ▯0.4810 C = ▯ 0.7397 0.6725 0.0242 ▯ 0.3079 0.8763 where I is the inertial frame and S is the frame attached to the spacecraft. Calculate the missing value C32. b) A camera on the satellite takes an image of a comet in the direction ▯ ▯0.▯ ̂ ▯0▯ ̂ ▯0.8▯ ̂ ▯ ▯ ▯ when the satellite’s orientation is given by IS ▯0.7137 ▯0.2724 ▯0.6453 C = ▯ 0.6943 ▯0.3973 ▯0.6001 ▯ ▯0.0929 ▯0.8763 0.4727 Calculate the angle between ▯ and ▯▯ A c) A position vector in frame A is given by r . If a satellite (frame B) has an orientation (with respect to frame A) described by a sequence of rotations  about the 2-axis, then θ about the 1- axis, then finally about the 3-axis, write an expression for the position vector r . Show the elements of the DCMs, but you
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