ASTRO 001 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Type Ii Supernova, White Dwarf, Reaction Rate

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Astro 001 unit 3 sample test questions: * a large luminosity star. An estimate of the number of communicating/technological civilizations that we expect in our galaxy would have a larger number if: the average lifetime of a communicating civilization was. If the sun had twice its mass, then which of the planets would be. 12. in its habitable zone: mercury, venus, earth, neptune, jupiter. In the transit method of finding extrasolar planets, the distance. *if two stars are the same temperature, how can one be more. If they were all formed at the same time, which of the stars in the. 18. diagram above will live the longest: a, b, c, d, e, the parallax angle of a nearby star is measured to be 0. 02 arcseconds. What is the distance to the star: 20 parsecs, 2 light years, 50 parsecs, 0. 2 light years, 200 light years.

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