The Purpose of Psychological Research Exam

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Biobehavioral Health
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BB H 315

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The Purpose of Psychological ResearchTheory A scientific theory is a logical explanation for all the relevant data or facts scientists have observed regarding certain natural phenomenaMust be testable and refutableHypothesis A statement that proposes the existence of a relationship between variables typically as a tentative explanation for cause and effect hypotheses are often designed to be tested by researchBasic Research Research that tests theories or hypothesesResearch done for the love of scienceApplied Research Research to solve a problemResearch performed is applied to everyday problemsClinical and counseling psychologyBusiness workplace applicationsReplication Studies Research conducted for the purpose of verifying previous findingsBackbone of good scienceImportant because the results of a study can vary considerably depending on experimental conditions and the research method usedResearch MethodsCase Study Method of research that involves indepth study of one or more subjects who are examined individually using direct observation testing experimentation and other methodsLimitations of the Case StudyLack of investigative controlPotential for subjective bias by researcherFocus is on small samples or one individual case
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