Chapter Five Practice Exam Questions

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Biobehavioral Health
BB H 315

Chapter Five Practice Exam QuestionsWhich of the following is not included in the definition of learningIt is demonstrated immediatelyAssuming you have eaten sour pickles before imagine eating a large juicy sour pickle If thinking about it causes your mouth to water then your salivation would be referred to as aanConditioned responseIn what way does an unconditioned response differ from a conditioned responseThe UCR is generally more intenseIn Pavlovian conditioning learning occurs more readily when the CSprecedes the UCS by 5 secondsHow can the ease with which some individuals acquire some phobias in some cases people acquire phobias with a single exposure while others never acquire a phobia after 100 pairings be explainedThe conditioning stimuli are more intense in some pairingsExtinction of the CR in Pavlovian conditioning occurs when theCS is repeatedly presented without the UCSA dog taught to salivate when shown a circle also salivates when shown a square This behavior is referred to asgeneralizationA child is knocked down by a large friendly dog and is frightened Later he sees his grandmothers dog and is frightened The fear has beengeneralizedYour son never throws temper tantrums when he is with you yet he very easily resorts to one when your spouse is in charge This is an example ofstimulus discriminationReinforcers increase the probability that behavior will berepeatedA reinforcer isanything so long as it increases the possibility that the response preceding it will be repeatedNegative reinforcers are defined as stimuli thatincrease the frequency of a response when they are removedWhich type of conditioning is being used if a rat presses a bar in order to turn off an electrical shockEscapeWhich of the following is a primary reinforcerA soft drinkA slot machine or onearmed bandit increases gambling behavior bypartial reinforcementBehaviors that are required through partial instead of continuous schedules of reinforcement areslower to be established but more resistant to extictionIf a worker gets paid every Friday for completing her 40hour work week she is being paid on aschedulefixedintervalWhen speaking of schedules of reinforcement interval schedules always relate toelapsed time between reinforcementsUniversal Studios wants to train a cat to pull a rope The likelihood of the cat engaging in this behavior as a normal part of its behavior is very low Which of the techniques for obtaining the initial response would be the best choiceShapingAmy is learning to do a back walkover in gym class Which of the following techniques would be the best technique to use to encourage the desired initial responseModelingOne basic difference between Pavlovian conditioning and operant conditioning is thatin Pavlovian two stimuli are associated and in operant a response and a stimulis are associatedA Potential undesirable side effects of punishment isarefear hostility hatred counter aggression against the punisher anxiety that may interfere with performanceWhy is sending a note home to a parent not the most effective method of suppressing undesirable behaviorThe association between the response and the punishment needs to be immediateBeing able to familiarize oneself with the streets of a town and then one day being able to go to a certain place hospital police station easily although that route had
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