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Background composed between 1000 and 300s bce genesis is a cosmogony (narrative of the birth of the universe) Author: tradition credits moses, exodus, leviticus, numbers and most of deuteronomy. Major characters: god, abraham, moses, david, jacob, joseph, saul, solomon, elijah & elisha, adam. & eve, noah, isaac, aaron, joshua, samson, samuel, absalom, joab, rehoboam & jeroboam, ahab & Setting: three geographical areas: 1) fertile crescent, 1-11; 2) israel, 12-36; and 3) egypt, 37-50. Plot: god promises to give the israelite people a great land and nation, but the israelites persistent obedience and worship of false gods hinders the fulfillment of god"s promise or covenant. Lesson 3 hesiod and oral poetry (hesiod"s theogony and ovid) Background hesiod"s theogony: (birth of the gods) an instructional poem describing the origins of the cosmos and the complicated and interconnected genealogies of the gods of the ancient greeks, composed around 700 bce; ovid: Author: hesiod wrote hesiod"s theogony; ovid wrote the metamorphoses of ovid.

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