COMM 320 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Eye Tracking, Tim Tebow, Professional Association

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11 Feb 2014

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Exam 3 study guide | comm 320 | dr. ahern. Increased intention to purchase: awareness / knowledge / attitude change / intention, behavioral outcomes. Communications commission based in art on how well they. Serve public interest, convenience and necessity : cbs decided to air the tim tebow pro-life ad during the 2010. Superbowl, but not a gay dating website commercial: many agencies have private policies about what they will and won"t do, organized market forces, professional association self-regulation, boycotts and protests, many associations (american bar association, american medical. Association) have rules about what/how members can advertise: while ostensibly to protect consumers from unscrupulous practitioners, these laws more often limit competition, these types of advertising restrictions are no longer legal (supreme. Review the following points of difference between these two models. Advertising effects consumer preferences and tastes, changes product attributes, and differentiates the product from competitive offerings.

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