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GEOG 010
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GEOG 01017 November 2013Research SummaryIn the State College and Boalsburg areas my lab group went to three important geological sites in order to learn more about each sites bedrock soil type climate geology geomorphology vegetation soils and water resources Studying these important factors helped us understand more about the kind of geological landscape we live in every dayWe first went to an area called Pine Grove Mills According to the web soil survey and course material this areas geology has a lot of bedrock consisting mainly of Sandstone and Shale Ironically these two forms of rock happen to be the oldest and youngest found in most of State College due to the geomorphologic process of erosion of the Tussey and Bald Eagle Ridges over time that also produced a luscious amount of sedimentary rock throughout the region Pine Grove has a 38 slope a welldrained drainage class and a depth of 7299 inches All of these characteristics indicate that the Pine Grove area has a moderate capacity to hold water which indicates that the soil has a lot of Alfisols due to variable fertility a forest type of area and a humid continental climatic region Not to mention it has a moderate amount of vegetation in the sense that its mainly comprised of Maple and Oak trees and the common dogwood as well as witchwood species Lastly most of Pine Groves water resources come from a small part of the Slab Cabin Run due to the fact that the canopy of Pine Grove is 80 which blocks most of the sunlight and Storm Wate
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