GEOSC 040 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Photosynthesis, Ecological Pyramid, Fish Migration

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11 Feb 2014

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Make sure that you know what is meant by the following terms: catadromous, anadromous, lateral line organ. Catadromous species (eels) migrate down rivers into the sea to spawn while anadromous species (salmon) migrate up rivers from the sea to spawn. The fish that can be harvested in a sustainable fashion include: anchoveta, alaska pollock, skipjack tuna, atlantic herring, blue herring, chub mackerel, chilean jack mackerel, Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food. One of the pros of aquaculture is that it allows for the production of more marine life and thus the consumption of more seafood, which aids the world economy. The cons of aquaculture are that the wild fish need to be fed farmed fish and these farmed fish are prone to injury, parasitism and disease. Not only this but they cause high pollutant concentrations and are typically pumped with drugs such as antibiotics which can cause contamination.

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