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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

Jazz Review • 3 sections of the quiz o Terms  Syabullus Terms!  50 Questions/ 50 minutes! o Multiple Choice o True or False o Optional Essay Question(Extra Credit)  Discuss the blues in terms of stylistic traits and performers • Chapter 1 and 2 are not on the quiz • Chapter 3 o Blues o Origin of the Blues o Structure of the Blues o “Blue notes” o Blues lyrics o Musical structure (Harmony, chords, etc.) o Country Blues/Urban Blues o Review Betsy Smith, Eter Waters, and Billy Holiday  Betsy Smith / Empress of the Blues o Does not ask for dates on Quizzes, but it’s great to know. • Chapter 4 o Piano Jazz o Starts with Ragtime/Form/Melody/Bass o Main Artists/ Scott Joblin/Father of Ragtime o Joly Roll Morton/Ragtime/Pianist o Form his own band o Stride Piano  Further development of Ragtime o James P. Johnson/ Father of Ragtime o Art Tatum o Boogie Woogie/ Beings in 1920s-1940s o Blues Structure ^ o Meade Lux Lewis - Honky Tonk Train Blues o Origins and Mining Camps • Chapter 5
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