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A. Richard Nixon ends Vietnam War 1973 a.Watergate scandal 1974 b.Gerald Ford B. Jimmy Carter-> stag flation, energy crisis, TMI 1979 a. Hostage in Iran b. Billy Jane King defeats Bobby Riggs Prime time 1973 woman's lib C. TV: a. All in the Family- Archie Bunker- white bigot b. The Jefferson’s- George Jefferson- black bigot c.Mary Tyler Moore- single woman in the workplace d. Chico and the man - Hispanic sitcom Freddie Prinze e. Rock concert - Don Kirschuer f.Midnight special- Wolman jack (radio DJ) g. Saturday night live- showcase for new rock groups h. Star war 1977 D. HippieAesthetic: rock musician is an artist to whatever mean possible. a. Important issues, repeated listening E. Musical prowess: talent, people were being rated; people were voting who's better. British Blues Rock in the '70s A. Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" (international #1) a. 1st album with _tongue & lips_ logo b. 1st album on Rolling Stones Records (Marshall Chess) c. cover created byAndy Warhol B. Eric Clapton- Derek and the domains- Layla a. Clapton groups: 1. Yard birds 2. blues breakers 3. cream 4. blind faith 5. Delaney and Bonnie and friends 6. Derek and the dominos 7. Solo 8. 6 bands before he went solo C. Layla (song) a. released December 1970 b. Clapton / DuaneAllman famous guitar trade-off 1. Allman died in 1971 at 24 year of age, motorcycle accident c. Layla is about Pattie Boyd; wife of friends George Harrison d. Harrison writes Something (1969) about Pattie e. Clapton writes Layla, wonderful tonight and bell bottom blues.All about Pattie f. Layla has two distinct movement; signature guitar riff and piano coda written by drummer jimmy Gordon Jimmy Gordon kills his mother with a hammer g. Pattie Boyd leaves Harrison and married Erick Clapton h. Eric ends up cheating on Patti and divorcing her within 5 years i. Eric Clapton goes solo and covers bob Marley in I shot the sheriff D. Led zeppelin a. Jimmy page fulfills yardbirds performing obligation b. John Paul jones on baas guitar & two new members 1. Roberto plant – vocal 2. John Bonham - drums (bonze) died at 32 1980 took 4 quadruple shots of vodka 3. Tours as " the new yardbirds" in 1968 then led zeppelin 1969 a) Starting of 8 #1 albums in the UK and 6 #1 albums in USA i) Nothing was released official, not an official single that you could buy. ii) Stairway to heaven was the most requested songs in the 1970s iii)1970s were the biggest band in the world c. Albums 1. Led zeppelin 1 ; January 12 1969 a) no one liked it. b) Panned by the roiling stone c) By '75 had grossed over 70 millions d) Eva Von Zeppelin : made the band change their name i) "The nobs" e) Dazed and confused, good times bad times 2. Led zeppelin 2: October 22, 1969 a) "whole lotta love" #4 on the top; their biggest hit i) "you need love" willie Dixon/ muddy waters ii) the judge ordered led zeppelin to pay Dixon for the song. b) songs on the 2nd album i) heartbreaker ii) living loving maid iii)ramble on 3. Led zeppelin 3: October 5, 1970 a) more acoustic -fan and critics hated it!!! b) songs on the 3rd album i) Bron-yr-aur stomp ii) Immigration iii) gallows pole (leadbelly) 4. Led zeppelin 4: November 8 1971 a) finally critical acclaim b) sold 37 million units worldwide c) 4th on all time best seller list d) NOTHING ON THE COVER, no title, no song list, no band name, nothing i) on the inner sleeve; only symbols (representing each member) e) JRR Tolkien f) some people call this zoso because that's the symbol in the inner sleeve g) Entered UK at number one. Stayed up there for 62weeks! h) Songs i) Stairway to heaven ii) Almost 8 minutes long. Composed several sections iii)Most requested song of the 1970s on FM radio, never single (a) ho
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