KINES 350 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hard Wired, Titin, Brachialis Muscle

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Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal environment: maintained in the human body by changing from one steady-state from another. Equilibrium is a perfectly stable system with no change. Neurons rapidly transmit information to the body via electrochemical energy: structure. Must depolarize in order to conduct the action potential. Axons conduct electrical potentials away from the cell body. Terminals are towards the end, release neurotransmitters. Dendrites receive neurotransmitters from other axons: neural impulses begin with a resting membrane potential of -70 mv electrical form of information positively charged ions (na+, k+ and ca2+) are attracted to the negative charge inside a cell. 132 cell membrane is much more permeable to k+ than na+ Na+/k+ exchange is monitored by a na+-k+ pump. Sequence: na+ channels open, depolarization, threshold reached, na+ ions flood cells c. eventually activation gates are closed, decreasing na+ permeability.

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