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Pennsylvania State University
Mangt Info Systems
MIS 204
Arthur Jones

MIS 204 Exam 1 Study onlinequizlet.com/_ad4j3 1.A large software manufacturer attempts - Establishing 8. As CEO of a large organization, you Not relevant to lock in customers by making it difficult high had asked the human resources for customers to change to another switching manager to send you information product. Identify the strategy used here. costs about the rate of employee turnover in your organization for the last quarter. 2.A new drug that has shown promise in Weak force The manager sends you the salary curing lung cancer has been discovered threat of details of new hires during the same by a famous chemical laboratory. This is substitution; period. The information is likely to be the only drug effective for treatment of there is no this disease. The laboratory obtains a substitution of little use to you because it is ________. patent for the product and decides to sell it. This situation is characterized by a 9. As production manager at a bottling Not accurate ________. plant for a cola manufacturer, you receive reports containing figures for 3.A student team, which is assigned a term Collaboration raw materials from last year, but project, meets and divides the work into sections and then team members work stated as the current year's. This information would qualify as bad independently on their individual pieces. An hour before the project is due the information because it is ________. team members meet again to assemble 10.As the CEO of a large company, you ask - Not just barely their independent pieces into a whole. the sales manager to report the sales sufficient Which of the following is lacking in this figures of the previous quarter. The - Not timely activity? manager sends you details of each invoice drawn up in the previous 4.An automobile company decides to Industry wide improve the quality of all its products differentiation quarter. This information is not good because it is ________. and bring more variety into its product line. The company has decided to adopt 11.As the IT manager of your Offer him the ________. organization, you require a coworker's keyboard, look password to access some information. away 5.An organization uses a formula to Structured Keeping with password ettiquette, compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory. This is an example of a(n) how would you go about getting his password? ________ decision process. 12.Bargaining power of customers is Toyota's 6.An organization wants to achieve - Lock in competitive advantage through process customers, likely to be the highest for ________. purchase of auto paint, weak implementations. Which of the following buyers, and force when the actions would help them do that? suppliers - Raise customer has power barriers to market entry 13.Competitive strategy determines the - Organizations - Establish structure, features, and functions of goals and alliances every information system. What is the objectives are - Reduce costs most likely reason behind this determined by statement? competitive 7.As CEO of a large organization, you are in People strategy. the process of collecting and analyzing critical information for a strategic Competitive strategy business decision that could influence the profits of your firm in a big way. determines value chains, which Which of the following components of your IS would be most important in determine business ensuring that you make the right process. decision? 14.Drummer Inc. is a sports equipment Hardware 20.Identify a question that must be - What tasks provider with a chain of outlets across answered during the planning phase of need to be three states. As part of their project management. accomplished? expansion strategy, Drummer Inc. - How are the decides to enter six more states while tasks related to also revising its existing business one another? processes. According to the five- - Who is component model of information responsible for systems, which of the following each task? processes will be the least disruptive - When will to the organization? tasks be completed? 15.Focused cost-leadership is observed Within an when a product has the lowest cost industry 21.Identify a situation where rivalry would - Internal ________. segment be a weak force. Revenue 16.Focused differentiation occurs when A product has a Service (IRS) - Monopoly ________. better product/service 22.Identify one way in which IT differs - IT refers to within an from IS. the products, industry methods, segment. inventions, 17.Free data communications and data - Face to face and standards that are used storage will make collaboration meetings will be systems cheaper and easier to use by more rare for the purpose of producing 2021. Which of the following is the - More people information. most likely consequence of this working at development? home - IT pertains to the hardware, - Online and asynchronous software, and data methods - No more components. - IS is an business travel assembly of 18.Glazer & Hicks is a firm based in NJ Most likely has hardware, that offers retail software solutions to something to do software, data, independent retailers. The firm with people or procedures, recently bagged a contract from a procedures and people major national retail chain to develop (human side) that produces and implement a proprietary software information. program that would track inventory, - You can buy restocking, and supplier information. IT, but you can Which of the following actions is likely never buy an to be most problematic when IS! implementing the new IS? 23.Isabel, an HR manager and two of her Unstructured 19.Huen Software, an application - Industry wide executives are discussing a candidate's provider to the gaming industry, differentiation application. They examine his decided to increase its portfolio by - Creating new qualifications and experience. Isabel developing 3-D graphics-supported products or also tries to gauge his cultural fit with games for the mobile gaming industry. services (product their team before deciding to hire the By doing this, which competitive implementation) person. This is an example of strategy is Huen Software ________ decision-making. implementing? 24.It is generally more difficult to make People or changes to the ________ of an procedures information system than to the (human side) databases itself. 25.July Networks provides digital - Industry- 33.Organizations can lock in suppliers Making it easy to television services across the country. wide by making it difficult to switch to connect and work They have cutting-edge technology that differentation another organization or by with the provides a clearer resolution. - ________. organizations Customers are required to pay an up- Differentiating 34.PowerCruise, a holiday cruise firm, Focus cost front fee to cover the first two years of their product recently offered its existing the subscription. By doing this, which by quality customers an extension of six months competitive strategy is July Networks to their membership without any implementing? additional charges. By doing this, 26.Kate has to organize an asynchronous Email, which competitive strategy is communication involving her team discussion PowerCruise implementing? members because she works from home. forums, team 35.Project teams should document Wrapping-up Which of the following could she use? surveys project results and learnings. Which 27.KlenZing Services, a pest control firm, Threats of new of the following is the phase in which wants to increase customer loyalty by entrants the teams perform this? offering extra services like fumigation 36.Rentocycle is a company that rents Focus and window cleaning free for three bicycles. It provides "best-of-breed" differentiation months after an order. Which of the five rentals to executives at a high-end forces in Porter's model is being conference resort. The company is addressed here? using a ________ strategy. 28.Kyra orders 500 units of Type-2 steel Operational 37.Synapz, a manufacturer of office Industry-wide beams for the next month for her automation products, recently differentiation company. In doing so, she has made received a patent for an advanced a(n) ________ decision. therapeutic ergonomics technology. 29.Locking in customers by making it Switching By doing this which principle of difficult or expensive for customers to costs competitive strategy is Synapz move to another product is called following? establishing high ________. 38.The automobile industry is Rivalry 30.Lynn is going through this week's Out
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