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Pennsylvania State University
Mangt Info Systems
MIS 204
Arthur Jones

MIS 204 Exam 3 Study online quizlet.com/_9nosl 1.Which of the following - Used by a single 5. Which of the following - Shared by two or more statements regarding a individual statements about an independent organizations personal information system is - Procedures informal interenterprise - 1000s users true? - Problems isolated information system is - Solutions required - Data duplication true? cooperation among different among employees independent organizations - Easy to manage change - Data duplication often, but - Example: Contact controlled manager in I-Phone or e- - Difficult to change mail account procedures - Interorganization IS are simply and probably required not documented - Example: Ordering of 2.Which of the following - Info system shared by a restaurant supplies from suppliers statements is true regarding a group with a particular workgroup information purpose, contains 6. Which of the following Cooperation is required and system? departmental and statements is true about resolve through meetings, functional info systems resolving problems in an contracts, and sometimes - 10 to 100 users interenterprise litigation - Procedures understood information system? within group 7. Information silos arise as Growth and increasing use of - Problem solutions within group a consequence of an information systems organization's ________. - Data duplication 8. Information silos are not a Begin to share data about the among departments - Somewhat difficult to problem until they same entities/duplicate data ________. change. - Example: Scheduling of 9. Information silos lead to - Islands of automation grounds keeping ________. - Conflicting situations 3.Which of the following - Span an organization - Data duplicated - Increase costs for the statements of enterprise and support activities in information systems is true? multiple departments organization - 100 to 1000s users 10.Enterprise application Suite of software applications - Procedures integration is ________. that integrates existing formalized/documented systems by providing layers of - Users undergo formal software that connect procedure training applications together - Solutions involved more 11.Which of the following - Connects system islands via than one department statements is true of a new layer of - Data duplication is enterprise application software/system eliminated or changed to integration? - Enables existing maintain consistency - Very difficult to change applications to communicate and share data - Example: Charging of membership fees - Provides integrated info - Leverages existing systems, 4.The information system that a Interenterprise leaving functional restaurant uses to order applications as is, but supplies and ingredients from providing an integration layer its suppliers is an example of over the top a(n) ________. - Enables a gradual move of ERP. 12.The major benefit of enterprise - Enables 18.Which of the following is an - Senior level application integration is that it organizations to use effective technique to overcome management needs to ________. existing applications employee resistance when communicate need for while eliminating implementing new enterprise change to organization, many of the serious systems? and must re-iterate problems of isolated - Employees need to be systems trained and coached on - Automatically the successful use of the makes data new system conversions among - Create positive buzz by different systems training and word of 13.A stored procedure is a Computer program mouth - Employees need to be ________. stored in the given extra inducements database that is used to change. to enforce business rules 19.In accordance with the Is a repeatable task that definition of service-oriented a business needs to 14.ERP training falls into two broad - Obtaining top-level categories. The first category is management architecture, a service perform ________. training about how to implement support. the ERP solution. Which of the - Preparing the 20.Traditional B2C information Web storefront following activities is NOT a part organization for systems rely on ________ that of this category? change. customers use to enter and - Dealing with the manage their orders. inevitable resistance 21.Clearinghouses ________. - Provide goods and that develops when services at stated price, people are asked to arrange delivery, but perform work in new never takes title to the ways. goods 15.Which of the following statements - Designed according - Example: is true about Oracle and its ERP to SOA principles Amazon.com sells products? - Adaptable and books and other customizable merchandise owned by - Fully featured others products with 22.E-commerce leads to Disintermediation superior performance ________, which is the - Expensive. elimination of middle layers of 16.Which of the following statements - Gold standard of distributors and suppliers. is true about SAP and its ERP ERP products 23.E-commerce ________ - Buying and selling of products? - Led direction of goods and services over ERP industry in the public and private 90s and first decade computer networks. of the 20th century - Improve the flow of - Sells to the largest price information companies and offers - Produces information the most expensive about price elasticity ERP products. that has not been 17.When implementing new Collaboration available before enterprise systems, the only 24.Which one of the following - Provide software as a solution for resolving process characteristics is true for service (SAAS) issues and providing enterprise companies such as Google, - Even faster process management is Amazon.com, and eBay that - Advertising revenue ________. exemplify Web 2.0? models - Flexibility - Rise of user generated content 25.Web 2.0 applications are - Does not require an 32.Meaningful social - Social: Use information in thin clients. What does this installation on the users' networking social graph imply? computers applications - Useful: Address real needs, from - Readily and frequently ________. entertainment to practical tasks updated - Engaging: Compel users to come back again, and again 26.A characteristic of Web 2.0 With use and users is that the value of a Web - Expressive: Share a personal perspective on the world site increases ________. 27.Web 2.0 encourages Mashups 33.Which of the following - Website where users can publish is true about their opinions using small ________, which occur(s) when the output from two microblogging? amount of texts
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