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Pennsylvania State University
Penn State First-Year Seminar
PSU 006
Kelly Mroz

Involvement FairAssignment I hoped to increase my knowledge of all the clubs and opportunities when I attended the Involvement Fair. I wanted to found clubs that could help me in my college career and would be fun to join as way. When I was there, I tried to find clubs that were related to my major or helpful in general. I just decided to walk over to a booth if it looked interesting to me. I attended that involvement fair at about 5:45. I visited seven booths and spent about forty-five minutes at the fair. I visited the booth of International BusinessAssociation which is a group that provides understating of the international business environment and share about opportunities outside of the United States. This organization interested me because one of the things I would like to have by the time I graduate would an International Business minor; and I believe that the International BusinessAssociation would be a great help to reach that goal. Genflo is a training program for student to try to overcome uncomfortable situations such as interviews or speaking in front of a group. I was interested in this booth because of the things this organization could offer. I also visited the booth of
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