PL SC 014 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mutual Assured Destruction, Power Transition Theory, Security Dilemma

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22 Apr 2016

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Mutual assured destruction is the name given to the policy associated with nuclear deterrence during the cold war. An unappealing logical implication of this term is that proliferation of nuclear weapons to all states in the world is desirable because that would make war permanently impossible. An arms race is a competitive, linked increase in military spending, troop sizes, or some other measure of military capacity between states. It is the opposite of arms control, because it concerns the increase, rather than decrease, of arsenals. Arguments suggest either that arms races can make war more likely since they represent a security dilemma, or opposite, that they make war less likely by leading to large deterrent forces. Arms races are important to the study of international relations as the main real world example of a security dilemma. (3) the clash of civilizations.