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Psych 281 Reading Notes Chapter 3.2 – In the 1950s, Edwin Fleishman made a test for human performance that measured human performance – There were 52 abilities on the test that measured cognitive, physical and perceptual motor abilities CognitiveAbilities – IQ = intelligence quotient – Avery general mental capability that among other things involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems think abstractly, comprehend ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience Intelligence (“g”) is important at work – As the complexity of the job increases, the predictive value of tests of general intelligence also increased – Measures of “g” can predict body build, intelligence, etc., but does not necessarily make you a smarter or stronger person “g” in other Countries – IT IS as important in other Countries as the US (but mainly European Countries) Intelligence continues to rise over time – Flynn Effect: new generations are smarter than the previous generations – Reasons: better healthcare, nutrition and higher levels of education – As you get older, the amount your intelligence increases, declines (meaning you get smarter slower) Other cognitive abilities – Ahigh level of “g” will only get you so far on the job – Although, it will probably help you succeed at most aspects of the job – SAT scores predict what types of careers people will succeed at PhysicalAbilities – Psychomotor abilities: coordination, dexterity and reaction time Personality is a big deal in I-O psychology – The big five (five factor model) – OCEAN – 1) Openness to experienc
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