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Exam 1 – Reading 1 Behavioral Research – Doing scientific studies of human and animal behavior 4 Function of researchers – Describe behavior – Understand behavior – Predict behavior – Solve applied problems – These 4 categories overlap and are the reason why scientists do behavioral research th – The study of scientific psychology began in the late 19 century Why research is useful to students – It will help you learn about things related to your profession – It helps you become more familiar with topics of interest (to you) – It develops critical thinking – The more you know about research, the better and more effective you will be at consuming it Wilhelm Wundt – 1832 – 1920 – Studied sensation, perception, attention and association – Established one of the first two psych labs in the world in 1875 at Leipzig, Germany – William James established the other (of the two) psych labs at the same time at Harvard – Wundt related psychology to physiology The ScientificApproach – Empiricism: Relying on observations to draw conclusions – Public Verification: Findings of research must be able to be observed, replicated and verified by others – Testability: The research question has to be able to be tested in some way Pseudoscience – Someone gives a “scientific idea” or theory that violates the rules of the scientific approach Non-empirical E
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