PSYCH 470 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mood Disorder, Major Depressive Episode, Dementia Praecox

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Schizophrenia o a disorder with a range of psychotic symptoms involving disturbances in content of thought, form of thought, perception, affect, sense of self, motivation, behavior, and interpersonal functioning. Benedict morel: first identified schizophrenia as a disease o. Emil kraeplin: disease of the brain (dementia praecox; dementia= some degeneration of the brain; praecox= young age: german psychiatrist; systematically defined the disorder; created the subset that modeled our criteria today o. Background in medicine; believed the features of the disorder could be traced to some disease o. Conceptualization dictated by idea of brain; analyzed it like other diseases. Eugen bleuler: coined the term schizophrenia o. Association: thought disorder; unable to make relevant associations. Ambivalence: inability to make or follow decisions (e. g. , getting ready in the morning to significant life decisions) Autism: idiosyncratic style of egocentric though and behavior; dictates how we conceptualize autism today. Characteristics and symptoms: two or more of the following.

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