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Chapter 12 Ascribed status: A status that is bestowed upon an individual, regardless of his or her efforts or wishes. In the United States, sex, race, and ethnicity are ascribed statuses. Achieved status: A status earned by the individual through his or her own efforts. In the United States, bank robber, college professor, carpenter, and husband are achieved statuses. Caste System: A completely closed system of stratification in which statuses are inherited. One’s position in a caste system is based on ascribed characteristics. Brahmans: Priests, seers, and philosophers Kshatriyas: warriors, royalty, and administrators Vaishyas: producers, merchants, farmers, artisans, and other skilled workers Shudras: peasants and unskilled workers Dalits: Estate System: As in a caste system, a person’s place in the hierarchy of an estate system is determined at birth. First: Made up of the aristocracy or nobility Second: Made up of the clergy Third: Only included peasants Stratification: A term borrowed from the earth sciences because it conveys the fact that society is made up of social layers, or strata, that are arranged in hierarchy. Legitmating rationale: Explanations for why social arrangements are right and proper. Marx’s Conception of Class: People in industrial society fell into one of two social classes. The upper class was made up of the capitalists – those who owned the means of production. The lower class was made up of workers who supported themselves by selling their labor to the capitali
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