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SOC 001
John Fulton

Sociology Exam #2 CHAPTER 6 Experiments  Involves manipulating the independent variable and observing the effect on the dependent variable.  The strength of the experimental method is that it is really the only means by which we can explore casual relationships among variables.  Experiments need two groups: control and experimental Control group  The researcher pretty much leaves alone Experimental group  Receives the treatment or experiences the manipulation of the independent variable Random Assignment  It is crucial that subjects be assigned randomly to the control and experimental groups.  When we can assign people randomly to experimental or control groups and then test the effect of the independent variable on the experimental group, we usually can rule out that something besides change in the independent variable is causing change in the dependent variable. Observational Research  A particular research technique in which the researcher directly observes the behavior of individuals in their usual social environments, not in a laboratory.  Some sociologists refer to observational research as field research, because the normal social world is the field in which sociologists conduct their research. Survey  A series of questions asked of a number of people.  Interviews – face-to-face or over the phone  Self-administered questionnaire – list of questions on paper and ask people to write their own answers.  Strength: capability to obtain data from large numbers of people.  Strength: it allows researchers to obtain
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