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SOC 001

 Gertrude and Jerome divorced in less than two years after their wedding they did not have any children together and they decided to split their property equally this is know as what o Divorce by mail  This is known as the practice of marrying outside ones group o Exogamy  The ceremonies or repetitive practices designed to create a devout feeling of closeness to god and unity among people o Rituals  According to the book on their own who was taken out of the home because their mothers boyfriend was abusing them o Monica Romero  Laurie was born in Egypt and adopted when she was 3 years old. She grew up in a middle class Hispanic family in Alaska. Since she is from Egypt she wants to know more about her heritage. This is an example of o Ethnic work  Durkheim’s term for common elements of everyday life o Profane  In on their own this individual was ultimately found dead o Reggie Kelsey  According to On their own Reggie’s death was said to be tragic, but some good did come of it. Give an example of the good that came from it o Department of human services began planning the transition of children from foster care to independence at age 16 o The youth opportunity passport was created to help kids save money  In on their own this individual had a diet of gum and water o Giselle John  This group has been found to care more about the environment than men o Women  According to the Oneida community women were not allowed to have kids for the first 20 years. Only certain members of the community could have kids and they had to apply. Planning to have kids like the Oneida community, is called o Eugenics  This is a type of religious organization that claims membership of almost everyone in a society o Ecclesia  Name one factor affecting the rise in women’s employment o Manual labor required for many jobs decreased an more white collar jobs were created o Better wages provided an incentive for women to enter the workforce o Look on power point  This percent of adults read at the 5 grade level o 21% about 1/5 th  The founder of the Oneida community was what kind of leader o Charismatic  The process whereby individuals adopt the culturally defined attributes toward the characteristics of a male and a female o Gender roles  True or false: researchers have found that cohabiters have a lower chance of divorce than non c
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