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SOC 001
Laurie Scheuble

Specific Numbers to Know for Exam 3 Soc 001—Spring 2014 1) 1 in 4 babies are born to cohabiting couples. 2) Median age at first marriage for men and women is 28.7(men) and 26.5 (females). 3) 2/3 of newlyweds cohabit prior to their first marriage. 4) Cost of raising a child from birth to age 18. $226,920 5) About 40% of people will get a divorce in their lifetimes. 6) 80% of people who get a divorce will remarry (most within 5 years). 7) 15% of people in the United States were “nones”. 8) Percent of people who say they have considered adoption. 25-40% 9) About 74.9% of students in the United States graduate from high school. 10) Percent of children who live in households were every adult works. 70% 11) Percent of people in the U.S. that are adopted. 2.5% 12) Percent of women who change their birth surname to the last name of their husband when they marry. 93% Chapters covered on Exam 3 Henslin (Essentials of Sociology) Chapter 10—Gender and Age Gender Stratification: unequal access to things based of the sex of an individual. Patriarchy: male dominance appears to universal. How women became a minority group focuses on childbirth limitations. Honor killings and female circumcision: global violence against women Gender inequality in the workplace shows up with low wages and sexual harassment continues. Disengagement Theory: examines retirement as a device for ensuring positions of responsibilities gets passed smoothly from generations. Activity theory: how people adjust when they retire. Continuity theory: how people adjust to growing old by continuing their roles and coping techniques. Trends are positive for equality, live longer, less poverty, and women's participation. Chapter 11—Politics and the Economy CharismaticAuthority has problems when transferring power to a new leader. Convergence Theory: systems adopt features of the other. Global Superclass: interconnected group that is so wealthy they make the world's decisions Chapter 12—Marriage and Family Elements of a family life cycle: love and courtship, marriage, childbirth, child rearing, and the family in
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