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SOC 001
Laurie Scheuble

Exam 3Review Sheet for Just Like Us Part III: Lo Que Paso Paso (What Happened Happened) Chapter 1—Headwaters 1. How did Alma and her family in Mexico support themselves? Jesus wired money, as well as money from Alma's sons and Octavia's who were working in the US. Received additional help from Alma's father due to pension. 2. How did Alma’s father Tomas get a green card? What kind of work did he do when he was in the U.S.? Ranch owner's letter helped him obtain a green card with the Immigration Reform and Control Act. Manual labor with crops. 3. Why did Alma marry her first husband? She was raped and back then she was a "used good". 4. How did Alma justify using Isabel Morales identification for her job at Goodwill? She used it to work but still felt that it was wrong that she used it bc if she got caught she'd be in trouble. Chapter 2—Tancredoland 1. Describe Tom Tancredo’s family background. Is this inconsistent with his views on immigration and dual language education? Grew up in a family of immigrants and has the view that immigration should be illegal. Chapter 3---Guilty as Charged 1. How did Yardira and Marisela’s parents’decision to bring them over the Mexican border illegally influence their identity? Where they labeled? They were still illegal and the world labeled them illegal aliens. 2. Helen Thorpe said that she had an “insufferably positive label”. What does this mean? She would be labeled by the actions of her husband since he was mayor and running for office. 3. Thorpe comments on the difficult of having a trial (in this case Gomez Garcia’s) in two languages. Why is this a problem? Because so much depended on what someone says. 4. At his trial, Garcia testified on his own behalf. What did he say? Said he shot the officers and didn't know if they had vests on for sure. Why was this about his family of procreation? His father was an officer and his father said everyone wore BP vests. When he was a child his parents abandoned him. About educational access? He could barely read or write Spanish, and didn't know how to write his own name. 5. According to Thorpe, who was the outsider at Salon Ocampo, Young or Garcia? Why? Young and Bishop were the outsiders. Cast them as being a part of two different cities almost. Chapter 4---Well-ordered Society 1. Did Marisela’s parents like her boyfriend Omar? Yes they accepted him like he was family. 2. Why was Marisela’s goal of becoming a lawyer not a realistic career plan? She is an illegal. 3. How did Yardira’s family change over time? Aunt and uncle bought a house and moved to Aurora where Zulema and Laura had moved in with them. Did she have the U.S. Census definition of a family? Living in her dorm she did but at home she did not. Where did her sisters live? In her dorm room w/ her. 4. Why did the author think Marisela’s break-up with Omar was a critical point in her life? She realized Marisela hadAmerican goals and broke up with him to realize them. 5. What is the difference between jus sanguinis and jus soli? JUS SANGUINIS: right of blood or ancestry to citizenship (Germany, Israel). JUS SOLI: right of soil, grant citizenship to those individuals born within the country's boundaries (US, France). Chapter 5---Blessing 1. What role does blood have on the living arrangements of Laura and Zulema? They were related by blood to their uncle but their aunt had legal custody of Zulema. Moved back to old apartment in Denver. 2. Why did Yardira and Marisela dread the end of their college career? They were reminded that they would have a tough time after school since they are illegal immigrants. 3. Why did Marisela have trouble finding an
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