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SOC 110
Stacy Silver
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Sociology 110 (UNIT 3) 2/19/13
The Origin of Gender: Nature and Nurture
Point #1:
There are multiple perspectives on where gender comes from
The Origins of Gender
Sociology 110 (Unit3) I dont know if on exam 2/21/13
Androgens when in utero:
Create males
May Shape brain organization
May affect aggression
Current/Cyclical Hormone Levels:
Estrogen + Oxytocin
Pregnancy, lactation, birth
The Biological Perspective on Gender
“The theory that our gender identity and behavior are based in part on men’s and women’s innate biological
Differences only “on average”
Bio influence shaped by environment
Culture can try to control biology
Evolutionary Psychology
The goal of evolution is survival and reproduction
Pass down you genes
Humans evolved in groups, to be interdependent
Traits and preferences that helped our ancestors survive and reproduce were passed across generations
through natural selection. They are in us today
Sociology 110 (Unit3) I dont know if on exam 2/21/13
Female Goals:
Get mate with most resources and get him to commit to her baby.
Prefer mate with resources who will share them
Attract and compete for such males
Concern with emotional infidelity of mate
Male Goals:
1. Mate as often as possible
2. Invest resources only in a baby you now is yours
Drive to accumulate resources so will be chosen by females
Concern with sexual infidelity of mate
Survival of the Prettiest
“Beauty”= Biological resources
Lots of shiny hair
Clear skin
Many strong, white teeth
Firm skin, good muscle tone
Male height and strength
Female youth
Female small waist, large hips
Biology and Evolutionary Psychology re like our hard drive?
Basic program for operating
Programs shared by everyone
Storage of oldest information

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