NUR 1211C Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Dsm-5, Nursing Diagnosis, Nursing Care Plan

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1. A client exhibiting dependent behavior says," Do you think I should move from my parent's house and get a job?" Which nursing
response is most appropriate?
"It would be best to do that in order to increase independence."
"Why would you want to leave a secure home."
"Let's discuss and explore all of your options."
"I'm afraid you would feel very guilty leaving your parents."
2. A client diagnosed with vascular neurocognitive disorder (NCD) is discharged to home under the care of his wife. Which
information should cause the nurse to question the client's safety?
His wife works from home in telecommunication.
The client has worked the night-shift his entire career.
His wife has minimal family support.
The client smokes one pack of cigarettes per day.
3. A client diagnosed with Neurocognitive Disorder (NCD) is ataxic, disoriented and wanders. Which is the priority nursing
Disturbed thought process
Self-care deficit
Risk for trauma
Altered health-care maintenance
4. What should be the nurse's primary goal during the preinteraction phase of the nurse-client relationship?
To evaluate goal attainment and ensure therapeutic closure.
To establish trust and formulate a contract for intervention.
To explore self-perceptions.
To promote client change.
5. A nurse states to a client, "Things will look better tomorrow after a good night's sleep." This is an example of which
communication technique?
The therapeutic technique of 'giving advice.'
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