NUR 1211C Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Psychosis, Visiting Hours, Medical Error

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Unit 1 quiz:
1. A nurse is assessing a client who, over the past 3 years, has experienced feelings of sadness related to the death of a
beloved aunt. The client sleeps and eats little and isolates themself. How should the nurse interpret the client’s behavior?
a. The client’s functional impairment indicates a need for psychiatric commitment
b. The client’s behaviors are part of the normal grief process.
c. The client’s behaviors are not congruent with cultural norms.
d. The client’s functional impairment indicates potential mental illness
Correct answer: D
2. After disturbing the peace, an aggressive, disoriented, unkempt, homeless individual is escorted to an emergency
department. The client threatens suicide. Which of the following criteria would enable the physician to consider involuntary
hospitalization? (Select all that apply)
a. Being dangerous to others
b. Being homeless
c. Being disruptive to the community
d. Being gravely disabled and unable to meet basic needs
e. Being suicidal
Correct answers: A, D, E
3. Which statement regarding the concept of psychosis is most accurate?
a. Individuals experiencing psychoses are aware that their behaviors are maladaptive.
b. Individuals experiencing psychoses experience little discomfort
c. Individuals experiencing psychoses are aware of experiencing psychological problems
d. Individuals experiencing psychoses are based in reality.
Correct answer: B
4. A mother abuses her children and tells the caseworker that it’s her husband who abuses the children, even though it has
been proven that hes a dutiful father. What defense mechanism is the mother using?
a. Compensation
b. Projection
c. Displacement
d. Denial
Correct answer: B
5. Which is an example of an intentional tort?
a. A nurse fails to assess a client’s obvious symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome
b. A nurse places an irritating client in four-point restraints
c. A nurse makes a medication error and does not report the incident
d. A nurse gives patient information to an authorized person
Correct answer: B
6. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which situation on an inpatient psychiatric unit would require priority
intervention by a nurse?
a. A client rudely complaining about limited visiting hours
b. A client exhibits aggressive behavior towards another client
c. A client stating that no one cares
d. A client verbalizing feelings of failure
Correct answer: B
7. A client requests information on several medications in order to make an informed choice about management of
depression. A nurse should provide information that facilitates which ethical principle?
a. Autonomy
b. Beneficence
c. Nonmaleficence
d. Justice
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