NUR 1211C Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Major Depressive Disorder, Cream Cheese, Potato Chip

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1. A client diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder asks, "What part of my brain makes me depressed?" Which nursing response
is appropriate?
'The occipital lobe governs perceptions, judging them as positive or negative.'
'The parietal lobe has been linked to depression.'
'The medulla regulates key biological and psychological activities.'
'The limbic system is largely responsible for one's emotional state.'
2. A physician prescribes an additional medication for a client taking an anti-psychotic agent. The medication is to be administered
"prn for EPS." When will the nurse plan to give this medication?
When the client's white blood cell count falls below 3,000/mm
When the client exhibits tremors and a shuffling gait
When the client complains of a dry mouth
When the client experiences a seizure
3. A client with depression and substance abuse has an interrupted sleep pattern. She demands that her psychiatrist prescribe her
a sedative. What teaching would the nurse provide about the rationale for the use of non-pharmacological interventions
"Sedative-hypnotics are potentially addictive and gradually lose their effectiveness as one builds up
tolerance to them."
"Sedative-hypnotics work best in combination with other techniques."
"Sedative-hypnotics are not permitted for use in patients with substance abuse disorders."
"Sedative-hypnotics are not as effective as the antidepressant medications for treating sleep disturbances."
4. A psychiatrist prescribes a MAOI for a client. When teaching the client about the effects of tyramine, which foods will the nurse
caution the client to avoid?
Pepperoni pizza and red wine
Bagels with cream cheese and tea
Apple pie and coffee
Potato chips and diet coke
5. As part of discharge teaching, which guideline regarding lithium therapy will the nurse plan to include?
Avoid excess use of beverages containing caffeine.
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