NUR 1211C Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Group Psychotherapy, Psychopathology, Conflict Resolution

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1. An inpatient client with a known history of violence suddenly begins to pace. Which additional client behavior should alert the
nurse to escalating anger and aggression?
The client requests prn medications.
The client has a tense facial expression and body language.
The client refuses to eat lunch.
The client sits in group with his back to his peers.
2. During a therapeutic group, two clients engage in an angry verbal exchange. The nurse leader interrupts the exchange and
excuses both of the clients from the group. Which leadership style has the nurse demonstrated?
3. Crises occur when an individual:
is exposed to a precipitating stressor.
perceives a stressor to be threatening.
has no support systems.
experiences a stressor and perceives coping strategies to be ineffective.
4. A newly admitted client asks, "Why do we need a unit schedule? I'm not going to these groups. I'm here to get some rest."
Which is the most appropriate nursing response?
"The purpose of group therapy is to learn and practice new coping skills."
"Group therapy is mandatory. All clients must attend."
"Group therapy is completely optional. You can go if you find the topic helpful and interesting."
"Group therapy is an economical way of providing therapy to many clients concurrently."
5. A new mother is concerned about her ability to perform her parental role. She is quite anxious and ambivalent about leaving the
postpartum unit. To offer effective client care, a nurse should be familiar with what information about this type of crisis?
This type of crisis is precipitated by unexpected external stressors.
This type of crisis is precipitated by preexisting psychopathology.
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