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PITTECON 0110AllFall

ECON 0110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Discount Window, Excess Reserves, Inverse Relation

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Rational economic behavior: individual tries to maximize benefit with a given cost or minimize the expected cost of achieving a benefit. Positive (if t
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PITTECON 0110AllFall

ECON 0110 Midterm: Midterm 1 Exam Preparation

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Midterm 1 exam preparation: a company has a bond for sale on 1/1/2015. The bond will pay 4. 0% interest on 12/31/2015; 12/31/2016, and 12/31/2017. The
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PITTECON 0110AllFall

ECON 0110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mexican Federal Highway 1, United States Treasury Security, Bachelor Of Business Administration

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Other workers seek similar increases: ss benefits rise too fast. New goods: price \/ when more widely produced (less valuable essentially. ) Inflation
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PITTECON 0110AllFall

ECON 0110 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Black Market, Net Domestic Product, Retirement Age

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Macro: big, whole us economy overall econ gf"s. , overall inflation rate, overall unemployment. Micro: small, individual consumers /bus"s influences on
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