HIST 0601 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: National American Woman Suffrage Association, Pinkerton (Detective Agency), American Railway Union

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28 Oct 2016

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Lincoln"s proclamation which offered a full pardon, restoring property (except slaves) and political rights, to most rebels willing to renounce secession and to accept emancipation. When 10 % of a state"s voting population had taken an oath of allegiance, the state could organize a new government and be readmitted into the. Government organization created in march 1865 to distribute food and clothing to destitute southerners and to ease the transition of slaves to free persons. Early efforts to distribute land to the newly freed blacks were later overturned by president. After lincoln died, johnson took over and drew up and executed a plan of reconstruction without congressional advice that made far too few demands of ex- rebels and made a mockery of the sacrifice of union soldiers. Moderate republicans merged with radical republicans to impeach johnson and end presidential interference. Congress also debated whether to make voting rights color- blind, while women sought to make voting sex-blind as well.

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