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MUSIC 0711 Midterm: Jazz quiz questions for Midterm

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MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

New Orleans: • We can describe New Orleans with all of the following, Except: - music was separate from everyday life Which of the following instruments would not be found in a traditional Dixieland Band? -oboe What instrument did King Buddy Bolden play? -cornet Who was not an innovator in early New Orleans Jazz? - Charlie Parker Music is a dynamic aspect of culture that uses: -sound and time Ragtime: Ragtime has a close association with what city? - Sadalia, Missouri Ragtime was originally played on which instrument? - Guitar Who was known as the “Father of Ragtime”? - Scott Joplin A few important ragtime piano players include Scott Joplin, Eubie Blake, and __? - Jelly Roll Morton Ragtime was the first official music of which of the following. -minstrel show Minstrelsy: Minstrel shows were popular in America during what years? - Late 1800s and early 1900s In the context of the minstrel show, T.O.B.A. stands for… - Theater Owners and Booking Agency Which style of music was frequently used as background music to the minstrel shows? - Ragtime The order of the minstrel show was the following. - Show proper, olio, playet Which of the following performed on homemade, makeshift instruments? - Spasm bands Religious Influence: This African American song style was performed by vocal groups to announce “good news” - Jubilee The main difference between a gospel tune and a spiritual is __ - The way it’s performed “Precious Lord” is a popular gospel song that was composed by __ - Thomas Dorsey Who is referred to as the “King of Gospel”? - Thomas A. Dorsey According to Dr. Davis, what determines if a song can be classified as a spiritual or gospel is the ___ or ___ in which it is performed - Manner; style The Blues: According to Dr. Davis, “To know the Blues is to know __” - Hardship This style of blues was influenced by sea shanties of African American sailors and dock workers and developed in Florida and Georgia. - Southern seaboard The four schools of the Blues include all of the following except: - West coast Male vocalists, Guitar, and harmonica is the recipe for: -country blues Which style of the Blues was typified by electrified instruments? - Urban The “Mother of the Blues” is -Ma Rainey How many bars does the most common blues form contain? - 12 This musician is known for composing the tune “St. Louis Blues” - W.C. Handy Who is known as the Queen of the Blues? - Dinah Washington The beginning of the Race record era is marked by Mamie Smith “Crazy Blues”, what style of blues is this considered? - Classic This musician is known for her distinctive left handed guitar playing? - Elizabeth Cotten Who starred in the movie “St. Louis Blues”? - Bessie Smith Chicago, New York: Which instrument did James P. Johnson play? - Piano Louis Armstrong left Chicago for New York in 1924 to briefly join the band of this developer of the swing formula. - Fletcher Henderson The two major cities of focus for jazz in the 1920s were __ and __. - Chicago and New Yo
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