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HISTORY OF JAZZ MIDTERM REVIEW 10162013 84200 PM Questions 1 Who set the instrumentation of the first jazz ensemble2 Which white band was first to ever make a jazz recordingLivery Stable BluesThe Original Dixieland Jazz BandReleased in 1917It was the first jazz music that most Americans had ever heard 3 First class performance of blues Gertrude Ma Rainey Performed at minstrel show intermissions Things to Know 1 Four boogie woogie piano playersMeade Lux LewisClarence SmithPete JohnsonCow Cow Davenport 2 Four classes of musical instrumentsChordophoneAerophoneIdiophoneMembranophone 3 Four schools of the blues statesregions and characteristics of eachDelta o Mississippi Alabama and parts of Louisiana o Low drone sound rdththo Hutter LedbellyLedbetterbottlenecking 3 5 and 7 notesThe Territories o Texas Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma and MissouriSoutheastern Seaboard o Georgia and Florida Urban o Chicago Kansas City Memphis New York City o Acousticelectric o McKinnley Morganfield Muddy Waters o Race recordsblack music 4 Three bluesmenCharlie Patton 5 Three blues women blues singersGertrude Ma RaineyBessie SmithVictoria SpiveyTrixie Smith 6 Four elements of African American vocal styleField hollerStreet cryWork songSea chantey7 Three formsof Early African American religious musicSpiritual gospel and jubilee 8 Four examples of media that succeeded the minstrel showPiano RollTalking PicturesRadio 9 Three poor Black musicians in New OrleansKing Buddy BowldenKing Joe OliverLouis Armstrong 10 Three Creole musicians in New OrleansJelly Roll MortonFreddie KeppardGeorge BaquetBarney BigardLouis Nelson DelisleManuel PerezJimmy Palao 11 Four Harlem stride pianists Earl Fatha HinesTeddy WilsonDon EwellCliff Jackson
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