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Research Methods: Unit 1 Theories: explain and organize previous findings, allow for predictions, guide research in a new direction, identify interventions to alter behavior, are parsimonious, are falsifiable and tentative Parsimonious: balanced between simplicity and goodness of explanation Induction: reasoning from many specific cases (observations) to a general rule (theory) Ex. 2, 4, 6… “I think that the rule is +2” Deduction: reasoning from a general rule (theory) to a specific case Ex. I think that the rule is +2, I will test if 7 is included Assumptions of Science • Determinism: all events have causes (though they may be very complicated) • Regularity: these causal relations are stable, they don’t just come and go • Discoverability: it is possible to learn about these causal relations • Rationality: the way we can learn about these causal relations is through a process of logical scientific discovery Obstacles to discovering causality… Mechanism/Mediator/Intervening Variable: variable that comes in-between two variables Ex. SmokingChange in DNA (mediator)Lung Cancer Alternative Cause: some other factor causes the same
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