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CHM 11500
Marcy Towns

Chem Final Study guide LearnSmart Chapter 21 • As listed in a table of standard electrode potentials, the reactants in the half-reactions are potential oxidizing agents, while the products of the half-reactions are potential reducing agents. • The measure of energy used in electrochemistry is the cell potential (Ecell), which is the difference in electrical potential between two electrodes. A common term for this difference in electrical potential is electromotive force or emf • Needed to solve for the nonstandard cell potential for an electrochemical reaction using Nernst equation: standard cell potential—n (number of electrons in balanced reaction)— Q , reaction coefficient • Q to E cell or K o Q=1 Ecell=Ecello o Q<1 Ecell>Ecello o o Q>1 Ecell< Ecell o Q=K Ecell=0 o Q0 o Q>K Ecell<0 • By definition, if one coulmb of charge passes between 2 electrodes that differ in potential by 1 volt, one joule of energy is realeased. Relationship can be expressed as V=J/C • Relationship between charge passing through an electrochemical cell and current flowing o Current(A) = charge/time o C = A *s • The standard cell potential (Ecell ) is measured with gasses at a pressure of 1 atm, solutinos at 1M, and solids or liquids in their pure states. • If standard cell potential for a reaction is equal to 0V, ΔG is equal to 0kJ.—no driving force • ΔG=-nFE n=moles electrons exchanged E=cell potential F=faraday constant • Voltaic cell—ΔG<0—system does work on surroundings electrolytic cell— ΔG>0—work is done on the system • Electrode at which oxidation occurs is the anode, while electrode where reduction occurs is called cathode • Branch of chemistry that deals with the incerconversion of electrical and chemical energy is called electrochemistr
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