HK 44500 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Seat Belt, Mars Ill, Frequency Distribution

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Is characterizing: analytic epidemiology: involves finding and quantifying associations, testing hypotheses, and identifying causes of health-related states or events. Index case: the first disease case brought to the attention of epidemiologists. Incubatory carrier: individual who has been exposed to and harbors a pathogen, is in the beginning stages of the disease, is displaying symptoms, and has the ability to transmit the disease. Indirect: occurs when pathogens or agents are transferred or carried by some intermediate item, organism, means, or process to a susceptible host, resulting in disease: efficacy vs. In 1846, he observed high levels of deaths in mothers with childbed fever: u(cid:374)(cid:272)lea(cid:374) ha(cid:374)ds (cid:449)ith putrefied (cid:272)ada(cid:448)er (cid:373)aterial o(cid:374) stude(cid:374)t do(cid:272)tors" ha(cid:374)ds (cid:449)ere used to conduct the routine daily pelvic exams, and the practice was never questioned. Thames river: morbidity from cholera in london, related to the water supply of individual houses in districts served by both companies, july 1 aug 26, 1854.

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