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HTM 17300 Quiz: Chapter 13 reviewExam

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 17300
Stephan Leitch
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Chapter 13 review
Communication styles, social interaction, travel motivation, and travel purchases can be
culturally influenced
- True
- False
After a visit occurs, personal experience will modify the perception of a destination
- True
- False
People from ___________ tend to communicate ideas and opinions in an implicit way
- Low tolerance cultures
- High tolerance cultures
- Low content cultures
- High content cultures
Consumer psychographic characteristics do not exert influence on their travel choices and
- True
- False
This socioeconomic factor is positively correlated with income
- Education
- Gender
- Life-cycle stage
- Household size
- Presence of children
This is not a component of the definition of culture
- Something that is transmitted from generation to generation
- A set of beliefs, attitude, habits, and forms of behavior
- Destination weather conditions
- Something shard by a society
This type of travel packages would be suitable to target Masculinity-oriented cultures such as
Japan, Austria, and Germany
- Experiences that emphasize opportunities for relationship development
- Experiences that emphasize social harmony
- Experiences that emphasize a sense of achievement and status
- Experiences that underscores the needs of female travelers
Imagine congruence occurs when the destination projected image does not match the image
perceived by consumers
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