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HTM 17300 Quiz: Chapter 14 reviewExam

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Course Code
HTM 17300
Stephan Leitch
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Chapter 14 review
Incentive travel buyers consider the following in their decision making
- All of the above
- Participant background
- Facilities and activities
- Accessibility
- Budget
Business travelers are much more price sensitive then leisure travelers
- True
- False
Increasingly, companies are putting less effort into controlling their corporate travel costs
- True
- False
Augmented reality is an extension of the currently popular live streaming via social media live
- True
- False
In the United States, most of the business travel destinations are located in metropolitan areas
- True
- False
What are the popular specialties that medical travelers seek?
- Cancer (often high-acuity or last resort)
- Cosmetic surgery
- Dentistry
- Cardiovascular
- All of the above
Destination providers often use rankings to promote their destinations
- True
- False
What ate the four well-recognized factors that can have a major impact on the future of
business travel
- Economy, technology, time and tradition
- Trade, technology, management, and family
- Company, personality, technology, and distance
- Preference, inflation, time and technology
- Economy, regulation/business travel policies, globalization, and technology
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